My name is Henning Blohm. I am co-found and co-owner of a small software startup, ZFabrik Software, located near Heidelberg in Germany.

Previously I spent a significant part of my life at SAP AG, mostly working on Java topics. SAP does not do as much Java as some people may believe – I learned a lot by working in an environment where Java was more in a defending position rather than the champion. By far, most of the code SAP customers get to enjoy is written in ABAP, SAP’s proprietary programming language. Arguably an old-fashioned, hardly beautiful language. But don’t be fooled: It’s not about the language. It’s all about the software engineering approaches behind it.

A common tune of this blog will be just that: Things that suck in “Java-style” software engineering vs. other approaches.

One tangible result of my learnings at SAP is the z2-Environment: A “System Centric” approach to Java development (w/o breaking Java’s neck). I am sure that will play a big role in this blog.

Some other technologies that we use heavily in projects will certainly play a role. Most notably Hadoop/HBase and the Vaadin UI toolkit.

It was about time. Wanted to get started on this a long time back: A blog about all things “z”.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello Henning,
    All the best for your Blog. I’m looking foreward to reading more from you.
    Can you add +1 and “Like it” etc. buttons so that it is easy for your readers to express their sympathy for your ideas?
    Kind Regards,


    • If you view a single blog entry (i.e. beyond the list style overview) by clicking on its title, it should show +1 buttons for Xing and LinkedIn. Hey… I might add a few more just now 🙂


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