If Santa Claus would use Java best practices….

Imagine Santa would use Java best-practices to have Christmas presents built. He would…

… not use complete blueprints, instead he would specify only parts of a gift (there is a leg, there is a red dress, …);

… declare some random number of aspects – more or less abstractly (“legs need to attached too main corpse, …”) – and leave the details to his gnomes;

… declare a brush on the blueprint (if the eyes need to be painted, you need a brush right?);

… not realize that paint could be taken literally as a part of dolls in red dresses. As paint comes in cans, the gnomes would mount the empty can to the back of the doll.

Eventually his gnomes would stitch dolls in red dresses onto male cats. Sometimes several. As dolls are unthinkable without Spring rolls, there would be some. The cat would eat all of those. Most likely it would fall over, dump a heap, jump the wall, or all of it in some random sequence….

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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